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Puncpath Limited is registered in England & Wales. Company introduces a venture so called © Puncpath, a Trade Mark registered in the United Kingdom.

Web Cookies are collected as part of conventional analytical plugins only.

No information about any individual who’s referred to company’s websites will be or has ever been shared with any individual or firm.

No personal data will be or has ever been downloaded from company’s domains or has ever been implemented by Puncpath for data sampling & analysis.

In sensitive circumstances concerning safety & security, data may be traced, collected and shared with the UK authorities.  

PUNCPATH is an Equal Opportunity Firm.

Company operates by the only registered office of Puncpath Limited based in London – United Kingdom and has no subsidiary or sales agent anywhere in the world.

Trade Mark has presentation on, run by Puncpath Limited, only.

Two active public profiles of Puncpath on WWW are on LinkedIn and AngelList only.

Puncpath Limited is entirely responsible for content of company’s websites.

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